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Invisible Allies

Hyperdimensional Spacefunk Pioneers Unite!

Invisible Allies is a collaboration between well known West Coast downtempo aficionado Bluetech and Philadelphia electronic mastermind KiloWatts. Both established with numerous releases and projects spanning various genres, the Invisible Allies collaboration is a meeting between two distinct and imaginative minds, each with acute musical sensibilities and signature aesthetics.

Exploring futuristic spacefunk, textural ambient, odd time signatures, complex harmonic developments, detailed digitalia and a sublime sense of the exotic, the first Invisible Allies EP, “Hyperdimensional Animals,” gives a first look into what promises to be an exciting and evolving conversation between two singular and eccentric producers.

Invisible Allies are explorers of the digital mysteries, documenters of forbidden histories and technoid inductees into the college of prismatic sound design. Collaborating through secret transmissions written in cyphers of bark and seeds, the musical collaboration of Bluetech and KiloWatts is decidedly unclassifiable in terms of genre, skipping school with warehouse dub theatrics, having an illicit romance with psychedelic production techniques and participating in a class riot against normality with techno, ambient, downtempo, breaks, and broken beatscapes.