We thought it was fitting to start with a track, which expresses the wondrous and ecstatic joy of having two days off on tour! After running around like blue arsed flies for so many

    Well kids, its time for our first tour update. Jamie came to Hawaii for a few days before we started this run so that we could work out the live set and

    To celebrate our upcoming tour, Invisible Allies ( Bluetech + KiloWatts) are giving away a free track from their recent release, “Hyperdimensional Animals.” See the tour information below and follow the link at the bottom of the page for your free download of the track ‘Torquoise Rain Chant’ by Invisible Allies.

    First Invisible Allies release is available on CD and digital from many fine retailers now!

    We’ve been pondering what to do about the inevitability of digital files making the rounds of the pirate sites, and have decided there should at least be one place for people to purchase the files before the release date.